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February 12, 2010
23:59 GMT+1


March 9, 2010
23:59 GMT+1

Final Papers Due:

March 19, 2010
23:59 GMT+1

Early Registration:

April 9, 2010
23:59 GMT+1

Welcome Cocktail:

May 19, 2010
18:30 GMT+1

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Call For Papers

List of Accepted Papers (in submission order)

Practical Compressed Suffix Trees
Rodrigo Cánovas, Gonzalo Navarro
New fast heuristics for the 2D strip packing problem with guillotine constraint
Minh Hoang Ha, François Clautiaux, Saïd Hanafi, Christophe Wilbaut
Experiments with a Feasibility Pump approach for nonconvex MINLPs
Claudia D'Ambrosio, Antonio Frangioni, Leo Liberti, Andrea Lodi
Robust and Efficient Delaunay Triangulations of Points on or close to a Sphere
Manuel Caroli, Pedro Machado Manhaes de Castro, Sébastien Loriot, Olivier Rouiller, Monique Teillaud, Camille Wormser
Space-Efficient SHARC-Routing
Edith Brunel, Daniel Delling, Andreas Gemsa, Dorothea Wagner
A new combinational logic minimization technique with applications to cryptology
Joan Boyar, Rene Peralta
Data Structures Resilient to Memory Faults: An Experimental Study of Dictionaries
Umberto Ferraro-Petrillo, Fabrizio Grandoni, Giuseppe F. Italiano
Fault Recovery in Wireless Networks: The Geometric Recolouring Approach
Henk Meijer, Yurai Núñez-Rodríguez, David Rappaport
Maximum Cliques in Protein Structure Comparison
Noël Malod-Dognin, Rumen Andonov, Nicola Yanev
Geometric Minimum Spanning Trees with GeoFilterKruskal
Samidh Chatterjee, Michael Connor, Piyush Kumar
An Experimental Evaluation of Union-Find Algorithms for the Disjoint-Set Structure
Md. Mostofa Ali Patwary, Jean Blair, Fredrik Manne
Experimental Evaluation of Approximation and Heuristic Algorithms for Sorting Railway Cars
Alain Hauser, Jens Maue
Realtime Classification for Encrypted traffic
Roni Bar-Yanai, Michael Langberg, David Peleg, Liam Roditty
A new fully dynamic algorithm for distributed shortest paths and its experimental evaluation
Serafino Cicerone, Gianlorenzo D'Angelo, Gabriele Di Stefano, Daniele Frigioni, Vinicio Maurizio
Using bound sets in multiobjective optimization: Application to the biobjective binary knapsack problem
Charles Delort, Olivier Spanjaard
Contraction of Timetable Networks with Realistic Transfers
Robert Geisberger
Distributed Time-Dependent Contraction Hierarchies
Tim Kieritz, Dennis Luxen, Peter Sanders, Christian Vetter
Paging Multiple Users in Cellular Network: Yellow Page and Conference Call Problems
Amotz Bar-Noy, Panagiotis Cheilaris, Yi Feng
Alternative Routes in Road Networks
Ittai Abraham, Daniel Delling, Andrew V. Goldberg, Renato F. Werneck
Automatic tuning of GRASP with path-relinking heuristics with a biased random-key genetic algorithm
Paola Festa, José Gonçalves, Mauricio Resende, Ricardo Silva
Bit-Parallel Search Algorithms for Long Patterns
Branislav Durian, Hannu Peltola, Leena Salmela, Jorma Tarhio
Modularity-Driven Clustering of Dynamic Graphs
Robert Görke, Pascal Maillard, Christian Staudt, Dorothea Wagner
A metaheuristic for a two echelon location-routing problem
Maurizio Boccia, Teodor Gabriel Crainic, Antonio Sforza, Claudio Sterle
Improving Cutting Plane Generation with 0-1 Inequalities by Bi-criteria Separation
Edoardo Amaldi, Stefano Coniglio, Stefano Gualandi
Data Propagation with Guaranteed Delivery for Mobile Networks
Hakob Aslanyan, Pierre Leone, Jose Rolim
Exact Bipartite Crossing Minimization under Tree Constraints
Frank Baumann, Christoph Buchheim, Frauke Liers
An approximate ε-constraint method for the Multi-objective Undirected Capacitated Arc Routing Problem
Lucio Grandinetti, Francesca Guerriero, Demetrio Laganà, Ornella Pisacane
Gateway Decompositions for Constrained Reachability Problems
Bastian Katz, Marcus Krug, Andreas Lochbihler, Ignaz Rutter, Gregor Snelting, Dorothea Wagner
An experimental comparison of different metaheuristics for the Master Bay Plan Problem
Daniela Ambrosino, Davide Anghinolfi, Massimo Paolucci, Anna Sciomachen
The Time Dependent Traveling Salesman Problem: Polyhedra and Branch-Cut-and-Price Algorithm
Hernan Abeledo, Ricardo Fukasawa, Artur Pessoa, Eduardo Uchoa
Fast FPT Algorithms for Computing Rooted Agreement Forests: Theory and Experiments
Chris Whidden, Robert G. Beiko, Norbert Zeh
Practical Nearest Neighbor Search in the Plane
Michael Connor, Piyush Kumar
Time-Dependent Contraction Hierarchies and Approximation
Gernot Veit Batz, Robert Geisberger, Sabine Neubauer, Peter Sanders
A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for Multi-Mode Resource Leveling
Eamonn T. Coughlan, Marco E. Lübbecke, Jens Schulz
Policy-Based Benchmarking of Weak Heaps and Their Relatives
Asger Bruun, Stefan Edelkamp, Jyrki Katajainen, and Jens Rasmussen
Fully Dynamic Speed-Up Techniques for Multi-Criteria Shortest Path Searches in Time-Dependent Networks
Annabell Berger, Martin Grimmer, Matthias Müller-Hannemann
Experiments with a Generic Dantzig-Wolfe Decomposition for Integer Programs
Gerald Gamrath, Marco E. Lübbecke
Randomized Rounding for Routing and Covering Problems: Experiments and Improvements
Benjamin Doerr, Marvin Künnemann, Magnus Wahlström
New Lower Bounds for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Pickup and Delivery
Anand Subramanian, Eduardo Uchoa, Luiz Satoru Ochi
An Analysis of Heuristics for Vertex Colouring on General Graphs
Marco Chiarandini, Thomas Stützle